Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hot Yoga or At Least Now I Know What Hell Feels Like.......

Today I went to Yin yoga at 9:30 and then my friend, Windee convinced me to stay for hot yoga at 11:00.  Hot yoga was everything that I imagined (dreaded) it would be. I was pretty grumpy when I came in, moaning to Windee that I didn't want to do this, and she ignored my whining (which is one of the reasons she's awesome).
I don't like to be hot.  I don't like to sweat.  And I don't like vinyasa flow yoga.  So obviously a hot yoga class sounds like something you should take me to, right??  It didn't help that everyone in that class was all Lululemon and perfect bodies. I was annoyed immediately.  
Fortunately, work was having some issues so I got to leave the class twice to take a call (look Lululemon bodies, even though I'm wearing Old Navy yoga pants, I'm really busy and important!). Unfortunately, work said what they needed to say and refused to talk to me on the phone for long.  So I had to go back in.
I kept giving Windee the side eye, which made her laugh (another reason she rocks).  Class should be finished at 12:15, but not today!  Today we got our money's worth and stayed until 12:30!  Have you ever noticed massages never go over their scheduled time, but exercise class? Let me give you another 15 minutes of torture! On the house!
As we sat sideways and did a seated fold, I whispered, "I haaatttteeee yoooouuuuu" to Windee's back.  This only served to give her the giggles (final reason she rocked today).  She didn't seem to understand the depth of my despair.
Anyway, Blissful Yoga? A Introduction to Hot Yoga class might be a good idea for those of us who almost went home to their maker today.
The Sunday manicure has commenced.  Last weeks color, Gobsmacked by Butter is history.  I would give that polish a "C".  I painted two coats on Wednesday, along with a top coat and Chip Skip by OPI, and it still chipped a little by Friday, and was really chipped today.  I have found that Butter is a good "occasion" polish.  They have some kick ass colors, but no staying power (kind of sounds like an ex of mine.....).
OPI continues to be the Sunday staple.  Tonight, I used Midnight in Moscow. It's an awesome deep dark red.  I call it the red "Lincoln Park After Dark" (another all time fav).
Midnight in Moscow
Make it a great week! Make it OPI worthy!


  1. Yoga with you sounds like a fun class. I think I'd giggle the whole time I was there if I did yoga. How do you get your polish not to chip? Mine is chipping after 2 days. :(

  2. would it surprise you that I giggled while reading your recap? someday we will fondly look back on our first hot yoga class and realize how far we've come. someday it'll be us rocking the lululemon and be a master of the back bends. someday..