Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Butter nail polish........and Mean Girls

So my 2013 hasn't started out on the most productive note.  Some laundry was done, a bedroom was cleaned, some ceiling fans were vacuumed.  But I kept hearing from fb friends how packed the gym was and it made me feel like a slug.  Like I should be out there with all the January resolutioners.
But I started my better health journey back in late June, so I'm already in beast mode (actually, I'm still waiting to find out what beast mode feels like, I'm more like schizo weeble wobble mode when I'm exercising.).
Now I'm participating in my most sacred ritual, The Painting of the Nails.  This usually takes place on Sunday nights, but with the weirdness of the holidays, I'm off schedule.
Butter Gobsmacked - and chapped hands....
One of my 2013 resolutions was to break my dependence on OPI and to try new polishes. I received some Butter polish as a gift, and I LOVE the color!  The jury is out as to whether it has the staying power of OPI.  I don't have any patience with nail polishes that chip.  Chipped nail polish is for crackers.  Seriously, don't leave the house with jacked up polish.  It just makes you look sloppy because people always look at your hands.  At least, I always look at other people's hands, and everyone thinks like me, right? J/k, I know no one thinks like me.
I'm also watching Mean Girls on TV.  Wondering why I don't just get up and get my DVD out because this editing is out of control.  They keep substituting words and since I can recite the movie by heart, it's doubly annoying to me. Apparently, you can't say Damien is "too gay to function",or tell Cady, "I'm not retarded", when she tries to explain home schooling, but MTV has no problems with the words, "bitch", "slut" or "whore". These are the kind of pc things that make me gag.
So although nail polish and Mean Girls are two of my favorite things, this isn't an auspicious start to 2013.  I promise tomorrow will be better.


  1. I kind of broke my OPI addiction last year. Sort of. I included Essie in my nail polish collection. Try them. They have really great colors and I now like them as much as OPI.

  2. I tried Butter a few years back, so I'd love to hear how they are now. I think we need some tutorials on how to get the perfect polish that won't chip. I never can get mine at home near as good as the salon.

  3. I do like Essie and own a fair amount of their polishes. I think they do blues better than OPI. I do love OPI's brush more than Essie's.
    The Butter chipped two days into the week. The base coat is the key to the no chip manicure. I use OPI Nail Envy and then apply OPI Chip Skip to the tips before two coats of polish and then OPI Top Coat. I don't have chipping if I follow all of the steps.